How to Conceive a Girl Naturally

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How to Conceive a Girl Naturally

This article presents an overview of the main tips on the natural methods for conceiving a female offspring.


  • The Pros and Cons of Natural Methods
  • Essential Tip on Natural Methods !
  • Three Natural Strategies for Gender Selection
    • Tips on Diet Methods
    • Tips on Timing Methods
    • Tips on Chinese Conception Calendar Method

The Pros and Cons of the Natural Strategies for Gender Selection

How to Conceive a GirlMany couples are trying to find out how to conceive a girl naturally. This is happening because the natural techniques are always preferred over the artificial ones, especially when it comes to conceiving a baby of a chosen gender. This preference is motivated by the important advantages of these natural methods: they are free, simple and comfortable. Moreover, they can be used at home, by any person, without the need of special apparatus or assistance. On top of all that, if properly used, these natural gender selection strategies don’t have negative side effects.

However, these techniques that show how to conceive a baby girl naturally have two important drawbacks: they are not recommended by the scientists (because they are not clinically proven) and they have a success rate that is lower than the one of the artificial strategies. As a matter of fact, all these natural methods for gender selection are empirical (they were experimentally discovered). They are rather traditional strategies, that only increase the chances of conceiving a child of a desired gender, and not guarantee that. In fact, they can not even guarantee that you will become pregnant.

Essential Tip on Natural Methods for Sex Selection!

Since their accuracy is inferior to the one of the artificial techniques, the best thing that can be done regarding the ways to conceive a girl naturally is to increase their success rate as much as possible. This can be done only by following all the rules of the chosen natural method.

This article reveals only the most important tips on each of the three best known natural gender selection strategies. But you must know that the effectiveness of these methods depends on paying attention to their details, which can be found only in special books or tutorials concerning these natural sex selection techniques. This article aims to offer only an overview of the essential tips for conceiving a girl naturally.

Three Natural Strategies to Conceive a Girl

Besides the advantages, downsides and the essential tip, there is another thing that all the natural techniques for gender selection have in common: they are all preconception (prefertilization) methods, which means that they can influence the sex of a fetus only prior to the moment of his conception. Once the baby is conceived, his or her gender can’t be affected.

The best known natural strategies for controlling the gender of a descendant are: the diet methods, the timing methods and the Chinese Conception Calendar Method.

Tips on Diet Methods

The couples that are wondering “how to conceive a girl naturally?” should know that all the pre-pregnancy dietary methods for controlling the fetal sex are versions of the diet method discovered by Drs. Stolkowski and Lorrain, in 1980. Regarding the baby girls, the main idea of their theory is this: a women who wants to conceive a female offspring should increase her intake of calcium and magnesium, while limiting the consumption of sodium and potassium. In other words, she should eat a lot of dairy products, while avoiding salted foods. The most important tips on this dietary method are the following:

  • This “diet to conceive a girl naturally” must not be followed by persons who suffer from heart illnesses, high blood pressure, excess of calcium in blood, etc. Always consult your doctor before following any diet!
  • Avoid nutritional deficiencies, by only reducing, and not eliminating, the intake of sodium and potassium. It’s advisable that your health condition be monitored by a physician, while following this diet.
  • This “girl diet” should be followed for a period of four to six weeks before becoming pregnant.
  • The diet must be stopped after the woman becomes pregnant, or after two or three months, if the woman doesn’t get pregnant.

Tips on Timing Methods

Among the methods showing how to conceive girl naturally, the timing strategies focus on scheduling the sexual intercourse, depending on the ovulation. The best known timing method is the one discovered in the 1960s by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles. His theory is based on the following two important facts. First of all, the female sperm is bigger, moves slower and lives longer than the male sperm. Secondly, the acidic environments weaken only the male sperm, thus making the conception of a female offspring more likely. According to this method, the couples who want to conceive a daughter must have intercourse three to four days before ovulation. The tips on Shettles Method for having girls are:

  • When trying to conceive a girl, the couple must use a shallow penetration, which should release the sperm close to the entrance of the vagina, which is the most acidic area.
  • The woman must avoid orgasm, because the female orgasm favors the male sperm in two ways: it generates uterine contractions, which move the male sperm into a less acidic area, and it produces a substance, which makes the vaginal area more alkaline.
  • If the woman has a regular cycle and if she doesn’t ovulate earlier than usual, she should keep an ovulation chart while monitoring the intercourse.

Tips on Chinese Gender Calendar Method

This old traditional astrological strategy is used in China to find out, according to an ancient conception (gender) chart, the periods when a descendant of a desired gender is more likely to be conceived (in this case, when to conceive a girl), knowing the Chinese lunar month of conception and the Chinese lunar age of mother at conception. Here are the tips on this method:

  • In order to calculate mother’s lunar age at conception and the lunar month of conception, you must understand the rules that govern the Chinese lunisolar calendar.
  • You can get rid of the burden of calculating mother’s lunar age and conception’s lunar month, by using a reliable “Gregorian translated” Chinese Gender Chart.
  • The Chinese Conception Chart is included in the “Chinese Farmer’s Almanac”, also known as “Tung Shing”, but can also be found on some reliable websites.

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